traloc is the winner of the Siemens PLM-Award 2011.
System CAD


Within the scope of a focus project, which is part of the bachelor studies in mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich, we intend to develop and build a snakelike system. The goal is to provide a system which is capable to conquer the debris resulting after an earthquake and to support the first responders in localizing buried victims. Not only is the desperation high among the affected population but also are the expectations great towards the rescuers. Additionally to the already chaotic situation, the difficult logistics and possibly negative, environmental influences are resulting in an increase of pressure and delay in the rescue. Because of the dramatically decreasing chance of survival after 72 hours, it is indispensable that the rescue is as much facilitated as possible.
Our response to this situation is a robot called traloc, which supplements a more precise and faster possibility to locate victims to the already existing. The target is to develop and construct such a robot which is able to handle the specifications that are a result of the debris.

Further information on the goal, the drive train and the joint mechanics can be found on the respective pages.

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