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  • project
  • traloc is a focus project, which is part of the bachelor studies in mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich. The goal is a snakelike robotic system, which is capable to conquer the debris and support the victims. traloc is the Siemens PLM-Award winner of 2011.
    • project: goal
    • Get to know the goal of our ETH focus project. The page also describes the development of the idea to build the snakelike robotic system traloc.
    • project: drive train
    • Information about the drive train of traloc (robotic system), which is essential to move the system in the rough terrain.
    • project: joint
    • See how our focus project traloc links its five elements in order to move through the debris.
  • news
  • Get the latest updates about the focus project traloc, straight from our office near the ETH Zurich.
  • team
  • Information about the team of traloc, which is supervised and supported by the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) of the ETH Zurich.
  • media
  • Grab the latest media, including nice videos, to get a complete impression of our good looking robot traloc.
  • press
  • All about public relations. Get specific and interesting information and facts about our focus project and see where traloc has been announced.
  • partner
  • Get a list of the partners and sponsors for the ETH focus project traloc.
  • contact
  • Get in touch with traloc. Write an email or visit us at our location, which is next to the ETH Zurich and part of the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL).

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