22. November 2011

ifa Open House

We gave a short introduction about our robot at the ifa Open House.

30. August 2011

Scientifica 2011

We presented our prototype to a broad audience at the Scientifica 2011.

30. June 2011

Visitation of maxon motor in Sachseln

Our sponsor maxon motor invited us to visit their headquarters in Sachseln. After an interesting tour through the manufacturing plant we got the opportunity to present our prototype and to express our thanks for the support.

Maxon motor

01. June 2011

Award for team Traloc

We proudly announce that we received the Siemens PLM-Award 2011 for a precise and well structured construction and outstanding FEM simulations with software provided by Siemens.


31. May 2011

Successful Rollout

We had a successful presentation of our prototype at the Rollout. Here is a photography of the Traloc being on stage taken by Tom Kawara.


26. May 2011

Five elements assembled

We presented the complete robot to our sponsors and supporters. We are grateful for the help we got.

Five Elements

19. May 2011

Inivtation to the Rollout

The official presentation of our robot will take place at the Rollout of the Focusprojects on Tuesday, 31st May 2011 in the main building (HG) of ETH. For further details please refer to
Rollout 2011 (735 kB)

03. May 2011

Movies online

The first two movies of our robot can now be watched under media. One shows the locomotion of two elements, the other one provides an insight into the assembling of the robot.

08. April 2011

First two elements moving

Two elements with tracks on one side are executing simple movements. The tests have shown that the mechanical concept works. Now we can start implementing more advanced steering routines including the sensor signals.


04. April 2011

Element with two joints assembled

We have successfully mounted a first element with two joints.


18. March 2011

Distribution gear assembled

All five gears of the drive train have been assembled and tested.


10. March 2011

Parts are arriving

We are glad to announce that nearly all the parts have arrived. Soon we can start assembling the Traloc.

18. February 2011

Parts ordered

All the parts of traloc have been ordered. Thanks to our sponsors for their support!

10. January 2011

Construction completed

We are ready to start ordering parts.

17. December 2010

Assembled the 3D Model of one joint

The original size model of a joint produced on a 3D-plotter shows the functionality of the joint. Furthermore the model gives a first impression of the size and appearance of the joint we are planning to construct.


13. December 2010

Site online

Our page is now online!

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!!! This document is stored in the ETH Web archive and is no longer maintained !!!